Malay Cuisine Recipes

Chicken Rendang Recipe Image

Chicken Rendang

Chicken rendang is a traditional malay dish that is chicken stew with exotic spices and simmered in coconut cream. People often mistaken chicken rendang to be the same as chicken curry. They are similar in flavor as they uses the same kind of spices in their recipes.

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Ondeh Ondeh Recipe Image

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh is a popular Malay sweet snacks that is made using glutinous rice flour infused with pandan flavouring and coated in grated coconut. The tiny balls make it very addicitive to keep eating them without realising the calories. You might find some of the Ondeh Ondeh is orange in color instead of the usual green ones we find outside.

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Ikan Pepes garnished for food recipe

Ikan Pepes

This is our version of Ikan Pepes – straight oven roasting! But you can do it the old way too. Whole fish, or fillets marinated in awesome chilli based paste, packed with flavour and smoke!

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Nasi lemak with chilli and fried chicken

Singapore Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a Malay dish where rice is cooked in coconut milk infused with pandan fragrance. The key ingredient is the sambal chilli that come with it.

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Mee Rebus Recipe made during D'Open Kitchen Cooking Class

Mee Rebus

A classic Malay dish that we will find in almost every hawker centers and a comfort food that everyone would like to have on a rainy day!

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Epok Epok Curry Puff

Curry Puff Epok Epok

Curry puff is a pastry usually wrapped with potato cubes fried in curry spices. Try this recipe at home see what you can put in a typical curry puff!

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