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Hi Everyone, My name is Trish Yee and I would like to share with you a little bit of my background and how I took the leap of faith to join MasterChef SG Season 2.

I started cooking when I was 14 years old, heavily influenced by my grandmother, who was an amazing cook. Back then I started my journey by attending baking classes at a Community Centre after school. It had been my dream to pursue a career in the culinary scene.

However I was stopped by my older sister, she discouraged me from becoming a chef as she felt I would have to endure long working hours and the exhaustion of standing on your feet for hours. Due to her persuasion, I withdrew my application from Shatec (a culinary institution in Singapore) and went to further my studies at a local polytechnic.

That didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams though. After a few years of working a routine office job, I decided to start a culinary school to share my love for cooking with people who were interested in having a culinary experience leisurely or on wider scale cooking team-building events.

In 2017, I took a month from work and flew to Japan to attend a one month sashimi and sushi preparation course to upgrade my culinary skills.


In 2018, I moved to US, Arizona with my husband for his work. I found joy in preparing his daily lunch box, and it was not long after when I found myself cooking lunch boxes for other Singaporean servicemen in the detachment. During our time there, my husband and I also started a YouTube channel called @tonightjiaksimi where I share recipe videos of how to make Singaporean dishes. Other then catering lunch for the guys there, I also spent my time there experimenting with new dishes and honed my culinary skills. This eventually helped me significantly and allowed me to make the cut to be on MasterChef Singapore Season 2.

When I came back to Singapore in mid 2020, I chanced upon the casting call for MasterChef Singapore Season 2. With much encouragement and support from my husband, family and friends, I decided to give it a shot! And guess what? I made it to the Top 12 of MasterChef Singapore!


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Trish yee

Trish yee

I was a runner up in Singapore's Masterchef Competition Season 2. Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was young. I would always follow my grandma to the wet markets to buy groceries and watch her whip up amazing dishes. Always inspired by my grandma, I look to continue her journey in the culinary world.
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