Assam Pedas

Dive into the world of tantalizing flavors with Assam Pedas, a dish that holds a special place in my culinary journey. Hailing from Malaysia, this dish is a symphony of tangy and spicy notes that awaken the senses. Imagine succulent fish, gently simmered in a broth enriched with tamarind, aromatic herbs, and a fiery kick of chili. Each spoonful transports me back to the vibrant streets of Malaysia, where the blend of flavors paints a vivid picture of its rich food culture. Served with steamed rice, Assam Pedas is more than just a meal – it’s a sensory adventure, a burst of nostalgia and excitement on the taste buds.

Balinese Satay

Introducing Balinese Satay, a tantalizing Indonesian dish that encapsulates the rich and vibrant flavors of Bali. Skewers of tender, marinated meat, whether succulent chicken, beef, or pork, are grilled to perfection over an open flame. The signature blend of aromatic spices and herbs infuses each morsel with an irresistible smokiness and depth of taste. Balinese […]

Kue Cenil

Experience the vibrant allure of Indonesia with our Kue Cenil recipe. These delightful morsels, crafted from glutinous rice flour, present a playful blend of textures and flavours. Each bite offers a sweet surprise, infused with the delicate essence of pandan leaves. With a satisfying chewiness, Kue Cenil delivers a unique indulgence that pays homage to Indonesian culinary heritage. Whether savoured as a sweet snack or a memorable dessert, our Kue Cenil promises to transport you to the heart of Indonesia’s rich cultural tapestry, encapsulating its vibrant colours and distinctive tastes in every tender mouthful.

Prawn & noodle salad

Delight in the vibrant fusion of flavours with our Prawn & Noodle Salad recipe. Succulent prawns take center stage, artfully mingling with a bed of fresh, crisp vegetables and tender noodles. This refreshing salad showcases the sweet juiciness of prawns, complemented by the invigorating crunch of veggies and the satisfying heartiness of noodles. Tossed in […]

Sayur Asem

Embark on a flavourful journey with our Sayur Asem recipe. This traditional Indonesian dish harmonises the tanginess of tamarind with an array of fresh vegetables, creating a symphony of sweet, sour, and savoury notes that dance on your palate. Each spoonful is a celebration of Indonesia’s rich culinary heritage, showcasing the artful balance of ingredients that define the dish. Whether enjoyed as a comforting bowl on its own or as a delightful accompaniment, our Sayur Asem promises a taste of authenticity that’s as vibrant and diverse as the Indonesian archipelago itself, offering a tantalising exploration of tastes in every savoury bite.