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Do you know how to stimulate team work within the office? It involves putting your team through challenges and allowing them to find innovative ways to overcome these challenges. If you are looking for ways to bond, as these cooking team building Singapore challenges at D’Open Kitchen are designed to do just that.

Our skilled team has helped thousands of people and companies in Singapore find that spark to spur the team work needed at the office. Stimulate creativity and innovation while reinforcing collaboration and staff morale with our cooking team building challenges. We firmly believe that anyone can cook and all it takes is the right guidance and instructors to uncover that passion of cooking.

You can also rest assured that all our corporate team building activities are halal certified. We can provide you with a Muis cleansing and certification to ensure that the Malay community in your office is not left out of your cooking team building Singapore halal challenges.

D’Open Kitchen is one of the best cooking and baking team building company in Singapore and boast a modern kitchen that comes with fully-equipped facilities. We want to help our clients to learn how to create culinary master pieces in the kitchen through a series of fun, energetic and team building activities.

If you are interested in booking a corporate team building cooking class, get in touch with our events specialist at +65 8228 6217 or send us an email at [email protected]

What people say about our Team Building Classes?

Our Cooking Team Building Activities

Amazing Race

Scavenger hunt like format that combines physical and mental obstacles with test of speed, quick thinking and teamwork. Great cooking team bonding singapore activity!
Decision making exercise as a team to build collaboration. Effectively distribute your workload and get all the ingredients you need within an allocated time.
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Fear Factor

Tackle some of your worse fears as a team in a wild adventure of cooking, featuring some rather unique and challenging ingredients.
Face your fears and learn to conquer them as a team. Rely on your team members to overcome challenges you have never seen.
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Mystery Box

Test your adaptability and have fun while working as a team. Dig into your culinary wits as a team to overcome mystery ingredients. Do you have the creativity to win this challenge?
Test your adaptability in this challenge. Learn to make things up as you go along as a team. Definitely a team building event not to be missed.
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Assassin Chef

Get a list of ingredients which you have to sneak up and "steal" from other teams. Watch your back while cooking or you might be left with no ingredients!
Is backstabbing a thing in the office? Let it all out in our kitchen during this unique cooking team building class.
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Blind Chef

Challenge your taste buds as you guess the ingredients to your main dish. Guess correctly and receive the ingredients for your corporate team building singapore activity.
Learn to lead your team members through effective communication. See how clearly you are able to communicate as a team.
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Master Class

Take your culinary skills to the next level. Learn in-depth technical culinary skillsets to accomplish your master cuisine.
This event is for those who loves to cook. Improve your culinary skills as a team while having some fun.
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Michelin Star Chef

Learn basic techniques of plating from our chef. Work as a creative team to conjure up culinary art without sacrificing taste.
Create your work of art as a team and plate up the dishes of your lives. Work on your creativity and think out of the box.
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Custom Event

Set your own kitchen rules, culinary themes and menus. Literally anything you can think of, our event specialist will work with you to craft a cooking event just for you.
Have certain objectives to meet in your cooking team building event? Work with us to customise your next corporate cooking class.
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What are the benefits to Cooking Team Building activities?

Improved Communication – Cooking as a team requires active communication and coordination among employees. By preparing food together, team members enhance their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, learn to delegate tasks effectively, and promote better understanding among team members.

Enhanced Collaboration – Cooking team building activities provide a platform for employees to work together towards a common goal. Through collaboration, delegation, and compromise, employees develop a sense of unity, fostering stronger teamwork and better collaboration in the workplace.

Cooking team building activities can also promote diversity and cultural exchange in the workplace. In multicultural Singapore, where people with various cultural backgrounds work together, cooking activities can give employees an opportunity to share their cooking traditions and learn from one another. This cultural exchange can foster inclusivity, appreciation, and respect for different cultures within the team.

Team bonding Experience

We provide many different unique cooking team building activities curated for your corporate needs. These team bonding challenges is bound to bring everyone together.

Customised to your needs

Every event we organise is unique and customised to meet your needs. Our event specialist will work to understand your requirements and incorporate any ideas you may have to bring out a fun and engaging experience.

Document your event

We can provide a team of videographers and photographers to capture your event to allow your company to look back and reminisce on your cooking team bonding experience.

Professional Chefs​

Our chefs at D'Open Kitchen are trained to guide you through this journey. Allow them to walk you through step-by-step on how to make a great dish as a team.

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Build Corporate Teamwork through our many different cooking challenges

Learn hands on culinary skills and become the next Gordon Remsay

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Most frequent questions and answers

We will need 10 working days prior to ensure a smooth facilitation of your event.

We are based in OUE Downtown Gallery, however we are able to accommodate to a multitude of locations around Singapore. Do contact our events specialist for more information on this at [email protected]

We are able to work with groups from 6 to 80pax per event. If you would like to organise a large cooking team bonding event above 80pax please do get in touch with our events specialist at [email protected]

Prices will be dependent on the group size customisation requirements. Please do get in touch with our events specialist at [email protected] for an accurate quotation.

All our ingredients are halal and yes we are able to accommodate to halal requirements.

Yes you may work with our events specialist to design a cooking team building activity to suit your needs.

Over 30,000+ Participants have enjoyed our Corporate Team Building culinary events! Join us at D’Open Kitchen & have fun right away!

Cooking Team Building Singapore

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