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What is


Our cooking team building activities are based in Singapore and we focus on competitive elements which provides an excellent environment for companies looking to enhance team work at the work place.

Each of our team building activities focuses on different aspects of team work such as collaboration, problem solving, communications skills and much more. 

This unique experience is bound to increase productivity at the work place, boost innovation as each member of the team look to over come unique cooking challenges.

What is


Our cooking team bonding activities provides a more relaxing time without any competitive elements. This provides opportunities for people to get to know each other and bond outside of the workplace.

Some times getting to know each other at a high paced work place might not always be optimum. Our cooking team bonding activities are designed to allow people to open up have fun and get to know each other better.

Team bonding focuses on building relationships, fostering a positive atmosphere though fun and energetic cooking activities.


Create your own main course

Test your adaptability and have fun while working as a team. This will be the true test of creativity and team work as you work as a team. Dig into your culinary wits to overcome mystery ingredients to create a main dish of your own choice.

Our Mystery Box activity will be able to accommodate to vegetarians, vegans and halal as well. Contact us below to find out how.


Shop for your own main course ingredients

Race through the supermarkets in this scavenger hunt like challenge. This is a true test of speed and quick thinking. It is a decision making exercise as teams learn how to delegate and distribute workload in an attempt to over come this time based challenge.

Work within an allocate budget  and see how creative you can be as you stretch that dollar to its limits.


Test your taste buds, guess correctly and win

Teams pick a leader to taste ingredients blind folded. Challenge your taste buds. Guess correctly and receive the ingredients required to complete your dish. 

A very fun and interactive activity you have to try. Known to bring an immense amount of laughter amongst all participants of this cooking activity.


A true test of creativity

This activity stimulates the creativeness of the team as they are thrown into the deep end. They will be given a few random and unique ingredients to work with, and it is their job to fit it into their three course meals.

Test your creativity and innovate with the odd ingredients to make your own dishes you will never forget.


Sneak up and steal from other teams

Watch your back whilst cooking or you might just be left with no ingredients. Is backstabbing a thing in the office? Let it all out in the kitchen in this unique cooking team building activity.

Learn to “cover backside” while creating your best work in the kitchen. Skillsets which every employee will need to have.


Communication is the name of the game

Give team communications in the company a boost with this interesting activity. Learn to communicate with body language or hand signs in this silent skill cook-off challenge.

You definitely don’t want to “sabo” your team by speaking as you will be taken out of the challenge for 10 minutes. Which means lesser cooks in the kitchen.


Bake off challenge with mystery ingredients and surprise elements

Embark on this sugary journey where each team will be given a surprise ingredient. Use your imagination and inspiration to incorporate these ingredients into your sugary treats within a finite time.

An activity which will fulfil the sweetest tooth out there. 


Team communication and multi-tasking at its finest

Only two person in each team are allow into the kitchen at any time. Learn to communicate progress and milestones in your recipes. As each pair will hand off instructions to the next after a certain time interval. A true test of clear and concise communication while challenging your ability to multi task as well.

Dishes are judged base on appearance, taste and observed team work.


Learn exceptional plating and techniques

Learn exceptional plating techniques from our resident chef. Then put your creativity to the fire as you conjure up attractive works of culinary art. Don’t forget to make you food taste as good as it looks.

Each team will be awarded with one, two or three stars based on the presentation of the dishes produced.


Overcome your greatest fears and challenges

Being able to over come challenges is key to success in the business world. What better way to put your fears behind you then to handle live seafood in this exotic cooking challenge.

Learn to work with each other in the kitchen as you face the fear of your life.


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Timed race to complete a 3 course meal

There will be a small selection of unique ingredients called the Market Place which will be made available to the teams. Teams are encouraged to make use of the Market Place to enhance the flavours or plating their 3 course meal.

Ideal for the novice cooks. All recipes will be provided with a guided chef demo.


Recreate your favourite Hong Kong treats

Roll up your sleeves and learn how to recreate your favourite dim sum treats. Guided by expert chefs, participants not only learn the intricacies of folding dumplings and preparing flavourful fillings but also discover the cultural significance behind each dish.

This activity is bound to ensure a memorable and flavourful journey for your team bonding class.


Knead, roll, and shape your way to crafting delicious homemade pasta

Master the basics. of pasta making from scratch. Be it long tagliatelle or stuffed ravioli. Understand how to pair different type of sauces with all kinds of ingredients.

Mamamia~ are you ready to engage your inner italian with us?


Art of baking and decorating delightful cupcakes

Indulge your sweet tooth and unleash your creativity in our Cupcake Making Class. Led by our experienced pastry chefs, participants learn the fundamentals of crafting perfect cupcake batter, experimenting with flavourful fillings, and mastering the art of creative decorations. 

Get ready to whip up delectable treats that tantalise the taste buds and ignite your passion for the world of cupcakes.


Mix, knead, proof, shape and bake

Understand the chemistry and physics of baking. Learn to mix, knead, proof, shape and bake aromatic bread in this cooking team bonding class you cannot miss.

If any of the terms we just mentioned seem foreign to you, fret not. Our professional chefs will patiently guide you through your bread making journey.


Fire up those ovens and bake your own pizzas

Master the art of making the famous Italian pizza. This hands-on experience not only provides a delicious insight into the world of pizza but also fosters a sense of culinary creativity and camaraderie. Kneed your own pizza dough and top it off with your own favourite toppings.

There is nothing better then your own handmade Italian pizza. 


Because life should always have a sweet twist

Get ready to create stunning tarts that not only look like works of art but also satisfy your sweet cravings with every heavenly bite. It’s a pastry-making journey that promises a flaky, fruity, and fun-filled time for all.

Whether you’re a baking enthusiast or a novice in the kitchen, our hands-on class offers a blend of skill-building and creative expression.


Iconic French treat not to be missed

Naster the macaronage technique and experiment with an array of luscious fillings. This hands-on class is a delightful exploration of flavour and finesse.

Our Macaroon Workshop promises a sweet escape into the world of artisanal pastry, leaving participants with the skills to create these delectable delights at home.


Cute and fun bento boxes ideal for kids workshop

Creativity meets deliciousness in the art of crafting Japanese-style lunchboxes. Discover the joy of transforming a simple lunch into a visually appealing and well-balanced masterpiece, as our Bento Making Workshop introduces you to the delightful world of Japanese culinary artistry, fostering both culinary skills and an appreciation for presentation.

This hands-on experience goes beyond just assembling a meal; it’s a journey into the aesthetic and cultural aspects of bento preparation.