Birthday Bakeoff

For once you can have the cake and eat it! Challenge yourself at our baking workshop party and customise your own birthday cake!
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Chinese New Year Cookoff

Get creative and experience a CNY cookoff with your colleagues and friends. Get to DIY your own Yu Sheng or a CNY goodies bake-off as a corporate team building event.
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Christmas Feast

Join our Christmas themed cooking workshops and impress your guest with a succulent Christmas dinner. Construct your gingerbread house or make your own truffles and chutney.
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Hen's Night Cooking

We can tailor your cooking event to accommodate any wild ideas that you might have to spice the night up! Enjoy a bachelorette themed workshop. Did someone say erotic cakes? 😛
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Birthday Cooking Event

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Looking for an interesting and fun way to celebrate your birthday? D’Open Kitchen offers a wide range of fun cooking events and classes for you to celebrate your special event. We are located in the heart of Singapore for great accessibility. 

Experience a fun and positive birthday experience where everyone will enjoy and bond with each other through a fun cooking session with great food!

Over 30,000+ Participants have enjoyed our Cooking Events in Singapore! Join us at D’Open Kitchen & have fun right away!

Cooking Events Singapore

Birthday Bakeoff

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CNY Cookoff

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Christmas cookoff

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hens night

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eat, dine & drink

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Team Building

Build Corporate Teamwork through our many different cooking challenges

Cooking Class

Learn hands on culinary skills and become the next Gordon Remsay

Baking Class

Fulfil your sweet tooth with our custom baking classes