Fun Cooking Team Building Activities for Companies of All Sizes

Fun Cooking Team Building Activities for Companies of All Sizes

One thing all companies, big and small, have in common is the emphasis on teamwork in operational and business success.

One way to grow team spirit is with team building activities. Cooking team building activities, in particular, have a way of bringing people together and challenging the team to think out of the box to create a tasty yet gorgeous dish. 

While there are numerous ways to incorporate cooking into team building, it is worth noting that some activities like races and scavenger hunts cater more to enterprise companies than small ones with 5 team members. Similarly, companies with 50 or more people might not feel as engaged as a small team during a cooking class

The ideal team building activity should cater to the characteristics, business goals, and culture of your company. 

Cooking Team Building Options for All Businesses

Not sure which team building activity suits your company? Check out our guide below.

Start-Up Companies

Start-Up Companies
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Distinguished by their determination to grow, start-up companies in Singapore thrive on innovation and strive to be different. The business goals are often centred around driving business growth in competitive industries like technology, financial technology and business solutions. 

Most start-up companies are led by young business-minded talents who strive to leave a footprint in the industry. These talents often have similar interests and share similar beliefs.

More often than not, start-ups have less than 20 team members. They encourage a close-knit family-like culture based on transparency and equality. 
Activities like Fear Factor which force team members to think out of the box would help them tap on creativity. These activities put emphasis on working together to come up with an idea and present it on a plate. 

Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Small Medium Enterprises SMEs
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Like start-up firms, small-medium enterprises are usually focused on a specific industry. However, they aim to address a variety of issues and problems in the given industry while start-ups are more focused.

There is little hierarchy. But SMEs place tons of emphasis on ensuring deadlines are met with no excuses. 

While hierarchy is kept to a minimum, friendly competition with incentives is encouraged to motivate employees in an SME.  
Since SMEs thrive on competition, why not let them bond over a friendly food race? Friendly competition spearheads creative thinking and also gets team members to work together in smaller groups. 

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Hierarchical and often with clear business objectives, enterprises are classified as companies that have more than 30 members. These companies use diplomacy to work together.

Each team member has a clearly defined role that is more focused and in-depth. For instance, the company’s head accountant will not be involved in other aspects like marketing. Instead, he will only handle company accounts. 

Unlike SMEs and start-ups, the hierarchy in enterprises could make decision-making and administrative processes slow. 

Large-scale cooking team building activities like an Amazing Race are suitable for larger companies with more than 30 people. Team members can work closely with each other and experienced an exciting and fast-paced corporate event!
Not sure which activity suits your company? Reach out to us and we’ll find something fun for you! 


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