Best Virtual Cooking in Singapore

Virtual Cooking Class Singapore

D’Open Kitchen is proud to have conducted a Bento Making Virtual Cooking Class on the 31st of October. We strive to provide high quality, interactive and fun virtual cooking classes easy for all to follow. It was a fun session for all the participants, our crew and chefs.

Our production crew…

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We seek to give you the best virtual cooking class experience in Singapore. We use professional cameras and lighting to ensure you get the best view from the comfort of your own home.

Our chef are caring…

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We will provide you with experienced and professional chefs who are encouraging and will take the time to ensure you understand the concepts of cooking the dishes during your virtual cooking class.

Our classes are interactive…

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Best Virtual Cooking in Singapore 9

You will get to ask questions during your virtual class and our chefs will assist you to ensure you understand.

Multiple views…

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Best Virtual Cooking in Singapore 10

Get to view the cooking demonstration from multiple angles to ensure that you are able to appreciate and learn in a fun and interactive way.

If you are interested in booking a virtual cooking class for your company or as a corporate event do not hesitate to contact D’Open Kitchen at [email protected] or 84990979.


Trish yee

Trish yee

Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was young. I would always follow my grandma to the wet markets to buy groceries and watch her whip up amazing dishes. Always inspired by my grandma, I look to continue her journey in the culinary world.

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