7 Steps to the Perfect Team Building Event in Singapore Your Company Will Thank You For

7 Steps to the Perfect Team Building Event in Singapore Your Company Will Thank You For

It is a typical Monday morning in the office when your boss casually promenades to your desk to catch up with you after the weekend and inform you of your duties for the day. Only this time, he has given you an additional task – to plan a team building event for the following Friday. 

Regardless of however long you have been in the Singapore workforce, everyone can agree that it can take a village to plan the perfect team building activity. 

Taking charge of a corporate event is no walk in the park as organising a team building event goes way beyond finding a vendor to provide facilitators, amenities, activities and a venue away from the office premises. 

For one, organisers must ensure everyone’s concerns are met. They are also the primary contact between the company and the vendors. 

More importantly, there is also immense pressure from wanting all members of the company to turn up for the event and enjoy themselves. Ideally, organisers would want the team to participating enthusiastically and gel together. 

Finding a vendor in Singapore is as easy as ABC thanks to Google, but what can you do on your part to ensure the team building activity goes smoothly?

Fret not, as we have a foolproof 7-step plan to help you organise the most memorable team building activity. 

1. Find Out Your Team’s Preferences

Before you even begin a search on Google for a team building vendor, you first need to find out what your team prefers.

While each individual may have his own unique preferences, it is your job as the organiser to find common ground. 

One easy way to do this is to send an anonymous survey and get your team to voice their preferences and concerns. With anonymity, your team might be more vocal about their likes and dislikes. 

If the date of your activity is flexible, let them choose from a variety. 

2. Check the Company Budget 

Check the Company Budget
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It is crucial to choose an activity that is well within your company budget. Consult your company’s financial controller or general manager about the funds available. 

This could help you narrow your search and choose a suitable vendor and activities that suit your budget. 

3. Search for Platforms that Provide Corporate Activities

Now you can start googling for vendors that provide corporate activities. Thanks to search engines, you can view tons of them. 

Make use of Google My Business listings and Facebook to check reviews to gauge the reliability and credibility of the vendor. 

4. Send a Calendar Invite

4. Send a Calendar Invite
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“I’m sorry! I forgot about the team building activity and scheduled a meeting on that day.”

It can be quite disruptive when you have multiple individuals changing their response at the last minute, so send a calendar invite to lock that time in. This serves as a timely reminder to your team.

5. Send an Email Announcement

Once you have decided on a date and activity, the next step is to get your team excited for it! 

Email your team about the activity and packing list if applicable. Be sure to sound as enthusiastic as possible to get everyone eager for the event. 

6. Arrange for Transportation in Advance

Arrange for Transportation in Advance
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Unless you are having your team building activities in the office, you would want to decide how you want to travel to the venue in advance to avoid delays. 

Depending on the size of your company, you could charter a bus or travel in separate cars. 

7. Send Friendly Reminders

As anyone in the workforce would know, it is quite easy to lose track of time. 

Send friendly reminders a couple of days before the activity to keep the team informed. Maintain an enthusiastic and warm tone to avoid sounding too authoritarian. 
If you are looking for some fun team building activities, why not give cooking a go? We can help you with the heavy lifting. 


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