5 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for a Foodie Girlfriend

Wedding Proposal Idea
Proposal Party at D'Open Kitchen
5 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas for a Foodie Girlfriend 7

You and you girlfriend has been dating for years and now you are ready to pop the BIG question. And now the problem is HOW and WHERE to pop the question so that she will say Yes? 

If your girlfriend happens to be a foodie, here are 5 unique wedding proposal ideas related to food which you can incorporate into your wedding proposal. 

Cooking as a couple 

Couple Cooking Class at D'Open Kitchen
Couple Cooking Class at D’Open Kitchen

It is fun learning a new skills together as a couple and cooking can be a fun and creative way to express your thoughts and feelings. It can also help to feel less nervous as you progress into the cooking session. If you need your 9,999 roses for your proposal, D’Open Kitchen is here to help. We can help to prepare balloons, roses, champagne or anything which you need to make her say yes! 

Learn to cook her favourite food 

Cooking Class at D'Open Kitchen
Cooking Class at D’Open Kitchen

Surprise her by cooking her favourite dish or dessert! If you are not a great cook by nature, fret not! There are many cooking classes out there which you can sign up for and some even allows you to utilise your skills future credit. Set up a fine dining table arrangement at home to add some romance to the special night. 

Bake a surprise proposal cake 

Proposal cake made during D'Open Kitchen Baking Class
Propose with her favourite dessert

Hiding the proposal ring in a dessert may sound cheesy to you? Trust me, it is a proposal idea that never goes out of trend. If you are concern that she might accidentally swallow the ring, you can choose to display the ring on top of the cake and hide the question of “will you marry me” inside the cake itself. If baking a cake sounds too challenging and technical to you, the pastry chef at D’Open Kitchen can arrange a one to one baking class to help you customise your proposal cake. 

Engage a private dining chef

Private Dining at D'Open Kitchen
Private Dining at D’Open Kitchen

If you are worried that you might not be able to pick up good culinary skills within a short time frame, you can consider engaging a private dining chef from D’Open Kitchen. Menu can be customised based on your preferences and dietary requirements. If you have a girlfriend who is on keto, vegetarian or gluten-free diet, we can help you to work out a gourmet menu that suit her palate. Our private dining package includes table setup, flora arrangements and a table side butler. For more extravagant option, you can even charter a yacht for a sunset dining experience where you can savour delectable food and enjoy the panoramic views of Marina Bay. 

Organise a cook-out party with her friends and family 

Private Cooking Class at D'open Kitchen
Private Cooking Class at D’open Kitchen

It is always fun to have your families and friends to be part of the proposal party. They can be there to help documenting the entire process without arousing her suspicion. It is definitely heartwarming to have the friends and families giving their blessing after you kneel down on one knee. The best part of the cook-out party is that you guys get to sit down together and enjoy the gourmet food which you have prepared during the class as a post-proposal celebration party. 

If you are not sure where to start and how to start planning, fret not, D’Open Kitchen friendly sales team can work with you to assist you in your planning for the special day! Drop us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp us/ call us at +65 82286217 for a discussion today!


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