Churro is a popular street food in Spanish/ Mexican that is made from a flour dough and by deep frying it. The dough itself is using a choux pastry dough and only takes you less than 15 mins to make it. Churros are usually coated with cinnamon sugar and served along with a chocolate dip. Pastry can be premade in advance and fry as when you feel like having it!

Crabmeat Omelette Fried Rice

Everyone love fried rice. It is a super simple and delicious dish to eat anytime. I was inspired to cook a crab meat fried rice after watching street food Asia on Netflix. There is this episode on Bangkok street food and this particular stall is very famous with their crab meat omelette and fried rice. The success of this fried rice is to serve it with a generous amount of fresh crab meat and a soft runny omelette! I hope Uncle Roger will approve this fried rice recipe of mine!