Claypot Bee Tai Mak (Sliver Pin Noodles)

Bee Tai Mak or aka Lou Shu Fen is a type of noodles made from rice starch. The shape of the noodles resemble the pin needle and this is how the noodle get its name. Some people also calls it Lou Shu Fen which means rat noodles as the shape also resembles the shape of the mouse’s tail. Bee Tai Mak cooked in claypot is a commonly seen zi char dish in Malaysia. This is one of my favourite quick meal to cook at home!

Hainanese Crispy Fried Pork Cutlet

As a kid, I always loved thick curry gravy that is drizzled over my rice. I had a special love for Hainanese curry rice as the goofy thick curry sauce that comes with the deep fried pork cutlet is such an amazing match! The Hainanese pork cutlet crispy crust is traditionally made crushed crackers that is used as breadcrumbs to coat the pork chop. The curry rice is usually served with chap chye and fried egg.

Steamed Egg with Wolfberries Sauce

Steamed Egg is my favourite Chinese dish. It is so simple and easy and economical to make at home. The recipe is so versatile that you can add in any favourite toppings of your choice such as century eggs or salted egg. You can also mix in some minced meat and steam together with the egg mixture. A prefect dish to go with your congee!

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